Making memories to last a lifetime.

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Order a Yearbook

A George White Tradition! Memorialize your beautiful memories with a keepsake yearbook. Our George White yearbook is a Knight favorite and sells out every year! We only order a few extra, so if you want to guarantee that you will receive a yearbook, you must pre-order it online!

Early Bird Pricing (before March 1): $20
Regular Pricing (March 1 – April 10: $25

LAST DAY TO ORDER: April 10, 2024

5th Grade Dedications

As the sun sets on their elementary school days, our beloved 5th graders at George White Elementary are preparing to embark on new adventures. In the heart of our yearbook, families have the opportunity to create lasting tributes to their remarkable graduates. Picture the pages adorned with expressions of love, nostalgia, and pride, as parents pour their hearts into dedications that encapsulate the essence of their child’s journey.

Please note: this is only available to current 5th graders at GWES.

We can help you design your dedication or you can design your own!

Full Page $120
Half Page $75

Calling for Content

Attention George White parents & teachers!! We need photos for our yearbook! Looking for candid photos at/before/after school, Ice Cream Social, Red Ribbon Week, Halloween, etc, and any upcoming events.  

Please upload your photos in the appropriate link below: