Veteran's Day

Honoring our country’s heroes

2022 Schedule

Saturday, November 5th at 9:00am: 5th Grade “Hamilton” Performance at Starbucks on Marina / Golden Lantern

Monday, November 7th: Deadline to order flags in honor of our veterans & last day to turn in “Service Honor Courage” worksheet

Thursday, November 10th: Veteran’s Greet Students at Drop-Off and attend flagpole ceremony. 

Thursday, November 10th – Friday, December 18th: Field of Flags on display in front of George White 


Field of Flags

Do you have a special veteran in your life you would like to honor? 

Please join us in teaching our students the importance of celebrating our country’s heroes. At the same time, we would like to help our students remember, they too, can serve their community, display honor, and be courageous just like our veterans.

We honor and express gratitude to the brave men and women in all armed forces who served and/or continue to serve our country.

Dedicate a flag to a veteran in your life. We will proudly display your veteran’s flag in our Field of Flags display.


Do you know a veteran who would like to join us in greeting our students at drop-off and stay for our flagpole assembly on Thursday, 11/10? Have them (or help them) email Lidia Corey at with “Veteran’s Day” in the subject. Have your child write a THANK YOU card for a veteran!

  1. Give the THANK YOU card to a vet when they arrive to school on 11/10
  2. Mail it to a special vet you know
  3. Use it as a random act of kindness and give it to a vet you know in our community

Allow your student time to complete the “Service Honor Courage” worksheet. Help him/her think about ways they already serve their community, or show honor, or act in a courageous way. All completed work will be on display throughout the hallways, proving that our kids too, like our vets, can serve, have honor, and be courageous too! Handouts must be returned by Nov 7th to be on display before Veteran’s Day!