Jog-a-Thon 2022 is coming March 24, 2022!

Let's Start the Fun!

The Jog-a-thon is one of the prized traditions at George White Elementary School, and one of our school’s BIGGEST fundraisers of the year! Most importantly, this is the only event where the kids take the lead in raising money for their school. Everything you need for this year’s jog-a-thon is on this page. This year we are sad to announce we will have some limitations with parent involvement due to the Covid precautions. Parents will not be allowed on campus, and we can’t have the fun all-school pep rally that we have cherished in the past.  However, we will still make this a fun and memorable event for students and staff!


Each grade level will have a color associated with them and we encourage each grade level to get decked out in their color the day of the Jog-a-Thon:

1st – RED
2nd – BLUE
3rd – YELLOW
4th – GREEN
5th – BLACK

This year, we are raising money to support PTA sponsored programs including STEAM lab, the George White Garden, the Tech Aide, our Meet the Masters Art program, and so much more!

During the 2.5 weeks of Jog-a-Thon fundraising, students will ask family and friends for pledges and have many opportunities to win prizes along the way. Our goal is to raise $12,500! After 2.5 weeks of hard work and fun, our students will celebrate with Jog-a-Thon on Thursday, March 24th.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenn Lundblad ( or Angela Pilon (

Sign Up for PledgeStar

For our Jog-a-thon this year, we’re using the same awesome web-based fundraising system that makes it SO EASY for you to request pledges from your family and friends, and for them to make secure credit card donations online. PledgeStar takes care of sending sponsor requests via email, notifies you of donations, and sends thank you messages to sponsors. It is fun, it is easy, and people who use it typically raise twice as much as those who don’t!

Remember, our Jog-a-thon is on March 24th, so please register ASAP to help our school meet our fundraising goals!

1. Go to
2. Click “Not Registered for This Year’s Event”
3. Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit”
4. Follow the instructions on-screen to register students

When you finish, the system emails pedge requests to your family and friends, and allows them to make secure credit card donations online. You get notified each time a pledge is made, and you can track your pledges progress online. Reach out to Kendyl Daly at or call 888-598-7510 if you need help.

Help Your Team Win Prizes!

The theme for this year is THE OLYMPICS! George White classes will be divided by grade into the following teams: Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Red, and White! Throughout the weeks leading up to the Jog-a-thon, there will be team competitions and lots of prizes given away. Students will earn prizes individually and as a team! On the day of the Jog-a-thon, students are encouraged to dress showing as much KNIGHT PRIDE as possible by wearing their team colors (hair color, socks, sunglasses, bandanas, tutus are all accepted and encouraged!) All students will receive a FREE Jog-a-thon T-shirt!

NOTE: All donations much be turned in by Thursday, March 24 at 3pm to count towards Jog-a-thon prizes. 

We are asking students who are able and willing to participate to get their families, friends, neighbors, and community to sponsor them in the Jog-a-thon. Donations can be make using cash, checks, or credit cards (via PledgeStar). Please have all checks made out to George White PTA.

The Day of the Event


All students, teachers, and staff will be receiving a FREE Jog-a-thon t-shirt! Again, students are encouraged to dress showing as much KNIGHT PRIDE in their team color ass possible. Hair color, socks, sunglasses, bandanas, tutus are all accepted and encouraged!


Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, parents and family are not allowed to the attend the Jog-a-thon.


The kids will walk or run laps around the track created on the George White field. Staff monitors will be on the course to ensure that the students do not over exert themselves. Medical professionals will be on hand to help make sure the kids are okay.

If your child has any physical restrictions such as asthma or other respiratory problems or even if they just do not like to run a lot, please let them know it is perfectly okay to walk or sit down if they feel like they need a break. Please notify the office of any special requirements.

Prize Structure

Any pledge amount will get you into a daily drawing: Defy passes, Handel’s Ice Cream, Baja Fresh Meal Passes (awarded on prize distribution days)

Send 10 emails and get a FREE donut coupon

First pledge (of any amount) will earn you a USA slap bracelet

Every $25 will earn you a country pin (up to 8 pins)

$100 earns you a country squish ball

Every $200 gets you a ticket for our big item drawings: Disneyland Tickets, Nintendo Switch, Hoverboard

On March 16, the grade level with the highest funds raised will earn a FREE Kona Ice celebration on March 17th. (Kona Ice will also be available for purchase to those who did not each the free on through the grade level contest. This will take place right after early out.)

On March 24, grade level with the highest funds earns a FREE Chick-fil-A lunch on March 25

Prizes will be distributed on the following dates and will be based on the pledges from the previous day. Daily drawings will be awarded on these distribution days as well.

Wednesday 3/9
Friday 3/11
Monday 3/14
Wednesday 3/16
Thursday 3/17 – Kona Ice Truck
Friday 3/18
Monday 3/21
Wednesday 3/23
Thursday 3/24 – Jog-a-Thon & Donation Deadline at 3pm
Friday 3/25 – Chick-fil-A lunch