School Garden

Students Bloom Here.

Change Starts Here.

We are so incredibly proud of our George White Elementary School student advocates who attended the May 17, 2022 Laguna Niguel City Council meeting and addressed the entire council asking for more milkweed in Laguna Niguel. These kids are brave, confident, composed, and determined. We are so proud to see them participate in their local government and speak about something important to them. We will be checking the parks and open spaces for milkweed in the near future. That’s a promise!

Garden Club

Our beautiful school garden is dedicated to encouraging a love of nature, nutrition, and ecosystems in our students. We meet on Thursdays after school in the garden. At Garden Club, students will learn how to care for the garden, the life cycle of plants, plant anatomy, insects & the ecosystem, composting, the butterfly life cycle, nutrition, advocacy, and so much more.

Day: Thursdays (5 Weeks)
Time: Afterschool – 1:30pm
Grades: 3 – 5
Cost: Free
Capacity: 18 students
Leader: Lidia Corey (
Session: Spring
Dates: 4/14, 4/21, 4/28, 5/5, 5/12

Enrollment is closed! See you next year!

Watch Us Grow

Our beautiful school garden is dedicated to encouraging a love of nature, nutrition, and greenery in our students. Our garden consists of four raised beds, an entry way, and potted plants throughout. The archway is draped with Dutchman’s pipevine (Aristolochia gigantea hybrid). Bed one is our butterfly garden, filled with milkweed, rue, and citrus along with great flowers for pollinators to enjoy! Bed two is our native garden, filled with California poppy, Mexican Hat flower, succulents, and drought-tolerant ground coverings. Bed three is filled with veggies, such as tomatoes, celery, peppers, eggplant, and radishes. Bed four is our herb garden, with parsley, basil, oregano, mint, and much more. The back wall of our garden has a lush grapevine and two passion vines. The passion vines are also a butterfly favorite!  

Thank You to Our Garden Sponsors